Polychrome Liddicoatite Tourmaline 9,0 ct


  • Weight: 9 ct
  • Size: 20,5 x 8,2 x 5 mm
  • Origin: Madagascar

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Banded polychrome Liddicoatite Tourmaline, old time stone from Madagascar. Today they are becoming much rarer to find.
This gemstone comes from the Ambararata pegmatite, in the central Madagascar, not far from Fianarantsoa.
In the Tourmaline group, 44 mineral species are today recognized. Liddicoatite form a solid solution serie with elbaite representing the Ca end member, while elbaite is the Na end member. This serie represents some of the better quality colored Tourmalines.
Liddicoatite from Madagascar is the only source of gem tourmaline clearly represented by almost pure Liddicoatite.
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