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Ocean Wave Jasper 47,19 ct


  • Weight: 47,19 ct
  • Size: 45 x 27.7 x 5 mm
  • Origin: Madagascar

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Ocean Wave Jasper is a variety of Ocean jasper found in limited amound associated to the main body of the Ocean Jasper deposit, near Mahajunga, Madagascar.
It shows a typical laminated pattern with abundant convolutions of the laminae reflecting the shear stresses inside of the original lava flow. In fact Ocean Jasper as the other orbicular jaspers, is the result of devetrification of obsidians. For this reason the deposits has the shape of a lava flow. Ocean Wave variety has not devetrification pattern, but show the original lamination of the lava or of laminated tuffs associated with the lava body.
Colors of Ocean Wave Jasper are very unusual and definitely rare among jasper. They show great color variation, with pale blue being a real exception.
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