Banded Agates a genetic approach


  • A second book investigating the mistery of Agates.
  • For the collector, the geologist, the scholar.
  • Agates have been loved since the dawn of the human kind but the dynamic of their genesis has not yet been revealed by researchers.
    This book highlights the complexity of the formation of banded agates and the wide variety of different banding systems.
  • Book in english.
  • Pages: 200, Pictures: + de 400

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A model for the genesis of banded agates is proposed explaining the basic concentric banding and all the variation as horizontal and convolute banding. Chemical processes at the base of Chalcedony deposition are described with simple words and associated to the structures commonly found in natural collectable stones. The book includes many different diagrams showing the formation of the most important structures found in banded agates, as connective channels and stalactites. The interaction with microbial fauna has been proposed for explain a wide group of agate and many characteristic structures.

About the author:
The author born in 1965. Is a PhD volcanologist and editor of the “Rivista Gemmologica Italiana”. Since his childhood he is a passionate collector of stones, and was always curious to investigate their origin. He has an important collection of agates and jaspers and has written innumerable scientific papers.


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