About us

Who we are?

We are Vicky and Marco.

Our project took place at the end of the 90’s when we had to decide how to start a new beginning for our own future.

From different backgrounds, Spain and Italy, and professional careers, one of us had to leave his whole live behind and migrate to a new and unknown country without any prospect. This fact not only motivated us to start a new adventure together but also to build a new company in order to trade gemstones. After having a look into a map, we decided that the first stop for this new path would be Madagascar.

After all these years we have experienced many events, a long journey, variously shows and plenty of gemstones.

Our passion for this career lays on many reason. We can mention the trips to such stunning places or meeting warm and amazing people in every place you go. Being surrounded by beautiful objects helps you to develop your creativity and these moments will stay always in our hearts.

Although breaking our eyes on those miniatures’s pictures, wearing away the hand’s skin in what we call the “cabochonadora”, an occasional accident with the saws, and not having any empty corner left in our house, this experience is worth when we receive new materials like lost treasure and to start imaging…

Our lives are currently around trips to Brasil, where we both buy the most of the materials and share a lapidary workshop with brilliant artist friends, our workshop at home, the participation in mineral shows, book presentations at conferences, our EBay store, and, of course, the social media where to post your passion with a huge amount of variable people; and finally, our website that we built it with such passion.

We hope you enjoy this world of gems as much as we do

Thank you for your visit. Without you all this would never have happened

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